001. 971291 - Catalina Large           90 Degree Corner

January 6 , 2016


Please be advised of a correction in our price lists and catalog.

On Page 55 of our catalog as well as Page 15 of our MSRP List, we have the Catalina Large 90 Degree Corner with the item number listed as 971290L (OLD #) It should be listed as 971291 as shown in our Domestic & Direct Price Lists. To avoid confusion and mistakes on orders please make the change to 971291.



002. Supplementary Cushion            Item Cost

January 8 , 2016


Please be advised of supplementary Cushion items:


             Covers only    (Seat + Back)              =          80%     of         Cushion Price

                          Seat Cover Only                  =          48%     of         Cushion Price

                          Back Cover Only                 =          32%     of         Cushion Price

             Seat Cushion +  Filler                        =          60%     of         Cushion Price

             Back Cushion +  Filler                        =          40%    of         Cushion Price

             Fillers Only (Seat + Back)                  =          20%     of         Cushion Price

                          Seat Filler Only                    =          12%     of         Cushion Price

                          Back Filler Only                    =            8%    of         Cushion Price



003. GRC Top Sealants

 January 8 , 2016


Material: Propriety Blend of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC)


  Warranty: This limited warranty covers defects or structural Failure. Loss of or                               dulling of color is not covered under this warranty. Consumer is                                   responsible for normal care and cleaning.

  This Limited warranty coverage runs for two years from the date of dealer purchase.


  Care & Maintenance:

  GRC tops must be sealed twice a year. We recommend sealing at the beginning and      the end of each season. You should use a water based concrete sealant, we                recommend

  visiting www.stonetechnologiesinc.com or www.sherwin-williams.com






004. 2014 Fabrics

January 28 , 2016



Please be advised for 2014-2015 Fabrics not in 2015-2016 Fabric Book:

For all 2014 Fabrics that are no longer in the 2015-2016 Fabric Book, there will be a 25% upcharge for the 2014 Fabric below:


612E    Aura Honey                                  595F    Bellaflower Thistle

644C   Bocce Moonstone*                       627D   Calvert Oak

557C   Canvas Dusk                                 734C   Canvas Spa

685C   Canvas Tuscan                              607D   Carnegie Celeste*

598D   Carnegie Willow                           656D   Cassidly Pebble

567C   Catalina Tinsel                              585E    Centricity Flame

600F    Dashing Rose                                757D   Dimone Sequoia

634C   Dorsette Cherry                             743C   Dupione Bamboo

606D   Dupione Celeste                            758D   Dupione Henna

697D   Dupione Oak                                745D   Dupione Pearl

631E    Elegance Marble                          657E    Emilio Haze

592D   Fife Plum                                       583D   Flagship Nutmeg

610F    Floral Imprint                                 673C   Foster Classic

613D   Holmes Flannel                              575D   Holmes Latte

608E    Luxe Indigo                                   630C   Magic Spice

565E    Martinez Sandstone                      589E    Medley Crimson

650C   Passport Coffee                             659C   Passport Rustic

677D   Rachelle Teak                                571E    Reel Parchment

680D   Sailcloth Sepia                              587E    Sailor Sahara

588E    Savy Sunset                                  667C   Scavo Willow

747E    Scuba Dune                                  728E    Scuba Starfish

601D   Sierra Turquoise                            556D   Solano Dusk

562C   Spectrum Indigo                            628C   Surge Oak

609E    Tasmania Riverside                        572F    Tulip Breeze

582E    Voyage Sparrow                           558E    Voyage Stream

620C   Whispy Chocolate*                      596D   Whitman Sage

584F    Zara Moroccan                            *  - is Discontinued